The turtle hole season has started!  As you ride through the many wetland areas along the trail, you can observe several types of turtles busy digging holes with their tails and laying eggs.  Beware this leaves some uneven spots on the trail, especially after the racoon start digging up the eggs.  Stay away from the turtles as they can strike very quickly.  Common Snapping, Painted, Blandings and Spiny Softshell turtle have been seen along the trail.   Submitted by Bill Zager

New Self-Registration Station Installed

Deronda registration station
Gary Osborn and Chuck LaBreche take a break as the Friends work on installing Self Registration Stations at Nye and Deronda Parking Lots on June 5th.  This picture is at Deronda.  It is important for users to purchase their Pass as 70% of this money is used of local maintenance and promotions and the other 30% is used for state wide State Park Promotions and administrative costs.  .Thaks,  Bill Z.

2nd annual Seven Lakes Triathlon 

The 2nd annual Seven Lakes Triathlon in Amery, WI was a success!  The the Winner Jeremy Koslowski finished in a record 1 hour and 34 minutes!  It was a warm day but we finished before the heat of the day.  Fun was had by all and we hope to build on this for next years event.  All suggestions for improvements are invited.  A huge Thank You to our sponsors Amery Regional Medical Center, Bremer Bank, Monarch Paving, Dick's Fresh Market, and Amery Pedal Paddle Ski.