2019 Events

Friends of S7LST

Every Saturday on the Stower varied start points Walk, Bike, Snowshoe, See Facebook for details

  • January 1 First Hike and Bike Amery Soo Line Park
  • January 26 Candlelight Ski Amery Soo Line Park
  • April 27 Work Play Earth Day
  • May 11 Power Up Family 2K - 5K Walk Run
  • June 1-2 Free Trail Pass Days
  • June 22 Triathlon On-line Registration @ Runsignup
  • July 4 Wapo- Beartrap 5K Fun Run
  • August 3 Half Marathon On-line Registration @ Runsignup
  • October 12 Changing Colors Ride/Annual meeting

For More information: Stower Seven Lakes State Trail Facebook

First Hike 2019, Friends of Stower Seven Lakes State Trail, 

The Friends first activity for 2019 on the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail was a success! It was zero degrees, but a hearty crew of 16 showed up and we hiked a total of 52.5 miles and Fat biked 30 miles. This is a nationwide event sponsored by the Directors of Americas State Parks, so watch for total miles hiked across the State and nation to follow!

Seven Lakes Fun Adventure Triathlon 2018 - Route

We are coming up to race day soon! The order is Start at Soo Line Park by the pavilion, 16-mile bike on rural blacktop roads for 16 miles south and west of Amery, some roads are a little rough. The bike ends at the beach pavilion where the watercraft is staged and the Paddle begins around the course on South Twin Lake. The 5K starts at the beach and onto the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail for and out and back with the finish line back at Soo Line Park. The Wisconsin State Parks Bureau are having an #Outwigo (pronounced Out We Go) campaign to promote exercise and the use of the State Park Properties. The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks are helping with this promotion and our Friends of Stower Seven Lakes State Trail are part of this group. Please post and use this information for Triathlon event promotions. Thanks, Bill Z.

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