Seven Lakes Fun Adventure Triathlon 2018 - Route

We are coming up to race day soon! The order is Start at Soo Line Park by the pavilion, 16-mile bike on rural blacktop roads for 16 miles south and west of Amery, some roads are a little rough. The bike ends at the beach pavilion where the watercraft is staged and the Paddle begins around the course on South Twin Lake. The 5K starts at the beach and onto the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail for and out and back with the finish line back at Soo Line Park. The Wisconsin State Parks Bureau are having an #Outwigo (pronounced Out We Go) campaign to promote exercise and the use of the State Park Properties. The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks are helping with this promotion and our Friends of Stower Seven Lakes State Trail are part of this group. Please post and use this information for Triathlon event promotions. Thanks, Bill Z.

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Saturdays on the Stower

Come and enjoy a different section of the trail each Saturday starting at 9:00 AM! We will bike or walk (your choice) for about an hour, Afterwards, there is the option to have brunch or coffee at a local establishment.
There has been some confusion about the Saturdays on the Stower schedule. Let's clear this up!
Lotus Lake park is listed as the starting point for the 5th Saturday. We will meet here ONLY when there is a 5th Saturday of the month, so most months we will not meet at Lotus Lake at all.
Amery will always be the location for the first Saturday of the month, Deronda on the second, etc.

For more information find us on Facebook. 

**Events are free, but a state Trail Pass is needed to bike or ski.