Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wapogasset/ Beartrap Lake Association Holds 5k Run

The Wapogasset/ Beartrap Lake Association held their Annual 5k run today. This is the first year it was held on the Stower Seven Lakes Trail and cosponsored by Friends of Stower Seven Lakes State Trail. The Lake Association has been holding the event for 30+ years. The run had approximately 80 participants and many trophies were awarded. Fastest time 18 minutes and 35 seconds. The weather was great and fun was had by all!



Monday, June 16, 2014

Seven Lakes 4th Annual Triathlon

The fourth annual Seven Lakes Triathlon was held Saturday June 7, at the Amery Pavilion. Athletes were greeted with high winds, heavy rains, and intermittent thunder and lightning. 29 brave souls (10 teams of 2, and 9 individuals) completed what turned into a duathlon (16 mile bike, 5k trail run).

The race was scheduled to go off at 9:00AM, however due to the weather, it went off at 9:40AM. When the first bikers approached South Twin Beach for the canoe/kayak portion of the event, they were routed straight to the run, due to the threat of lightning on the lake. All participants remained upbeat and happy despite dealing with the tough weather conditions. This was the first year that it hasn’t been sunny and clear out.


We’d like to thank all the volunteers who sacrificed their time and energy to help in the poor weather conditions, and all the runners/bikers for braving the weather. Hoping 2015 is a bigger and better year!

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