Osceola’s teacher Race Rolling takes first again in Stower Half-marathon

b51df2e7-0926-45c9-aeb6-cbae32ff3019Top finishers Race Rolling, Tammi Braund and Greg Attickson ran the Stower half-marathon with times at 1.20.51, 1.32.02 and 1.33.45. The event sponsored by Friends of Stower Seven Lakes State Trail is the second half-marathon which is gaining popularity.  Bill Zager, President of the Friend’s group said “The momentum for trail events such as the half-marathon is building at a fast pace.”  In addition the the half marathon, the Power Up event, just prior to the race not only brought out 120 kids but CHOMP the carrot. Upcoming events include the 6th Triathlon on June 11beginning at Soo Line Park in Amery.  Register at https://runsignup.com/Race/WI/Amery/StowerSevenLakesTriathlon.